Yosakoi festival (Kochi)

Many things can be said about the Kochi Yosakoi festival.
One of those things that undoubtedly stand out is the extensive enthousiasm of the participants, who come from all over Japan.

As this festival is more or less taking place in our local reporter's backyard, you'll find some pictures of the 2007 event from his hand.

Yosakoi Project 2007(JAPANESE - movies)
http://hometown.infocreate.co.jp/en/shikoku/kohchi/komatsur-e.html (ENGLISH)
http://www.welcome-kochi.jp/event/yosakoi/index.html (JAPANESE)
Yosakoi Festival in Kochi (ENGLISH)
Yosakoi Matsuri

Kochi Mid-summer (+- 9 to +- 13 Aug)