Akiba Matsuri


Walking through the wonderful
mild day; the withered leaf

quietlty folded on my path;
the sun shines hazy

although the distant border of
the wood is blueish of haze

over green; the field is laying as the
hearth of an acquaintance, a warm

palm, reached out to me as
in a salute; a small blue rose

blooms her welcome on an 
unearthed sherd at my foot

Elly de Waard
(from: Anderling - editions De Harmonie, Amsterdam)
Translated from Dutch to English by Bobó

The first festival of the year, to beg the gods protection against fire.

The whole procession is following long nose...

whilst a strong young fellow throws the Torimou as high as 7 meters in the air.

You can find more info about Akiba Matsuri on: http://www.baobab.or.jp/~niyodo/matsuri.html