International Workshop on Water Science and Technology


1st International Symposium on Aqua Science, Water Resource and
Innovation Development of Countryside

November 26-30, 2007

Sakawa, Sakuraza, Kochi, Japan

First circular and call for abstracts

Organized by the Committee of Water Resource Society

Town of Sakawa.
Iron Steel Society Japan
Shikoku Electric Power Co.Inc


  Earth’s future is facing a great turning point due to the drastic ecological changes brought by egoistical human civilization.  Looking back on our lives in this civilized community, we all see that we have various social problems that need to be resolved, each of which is closely inter-wound with one another, which in turn leads to even more serious and complex issues.  Although it would be extremely difficult to solve all the problems, to sharpen our focus on ‘water’ would be of paramount importance as it is a capital common theme that runs through all matters (The concept of “GAIA” might be explained that “Aqua or Water” exhibits a miracle power not only as the best chemical reaction medium but also as the life-creation on earth).  Presently, there is no academic conference that specializes in water despite the fact that it is significant to reconsider water not only from a chemical viewpoint but from scientific, engineering, or sociological perspectives as the clue to the solution for various global issues.  This is why we planned to hold this symposium, hoping to have discussions along with the people from all over the world who share the same concerns, in this little town of Sakawa, Kochi.  It is quite rare to have an international conference in a small place like this, but this symposium has been planned not only for scientists but also for public officials of local governments so that they can play an important role in helping put our world on a path towards environmental and ecological sustainability.   It is inevitable for developed countries and advanced nations to cooperate with each other to solve environmental problems.  And at the same time, they are closely related to the South North problems or coexistence of local regions and big cities.  To that end, societies that allow local regions independence and progression is necessary, in addition to the preservation of their own cultures.  We believe that what makes that possible is the growth of culture and technology, and these values are found not just in big cities but more likely in the countryside, including Sakawa.  Sakawa therefore should be an ideal place to host this symposium, discuss water science, and send a message to the rest of the world. The purpose and significance are in the 1st Circular that is attached to this message.


Honorary Chairman:
Jyunichi Nishizawa (President, Capital Univ. Tokyo)
Chairman :
Nakamichi Yamasaki (Prof. Osaka University, Director of ASTEC Japan)
Shoji Kubota (Director of Committee on Water Design Japan)
Tomoo Suzuki (Emeritus Prof. Tokyo  Inst. Tech.)

Gerald Demazeau (Prof. University of Bordeaux)
Hideki Ishida (Prof. Tohoku University)
Hiroshi Ogino (Emeritus Prof. Tohoku Unversity)
Koichi Watanabe (Emeritus Prof. Keio University)
Kimihiko Uematsu (Prof. Keio University)
Masato Moritoki (Ex-advisor, Kobe
Naomi Maeta (President of MAETA Pipe Prod. CO. LTD)
Sridhar Komarneni (Prof. Pennsylvania State University)
Tatsuya Hasegawa (Prof. Nagoya University, Division of  Energy Science Eco-Topia Science Institute)
Toshihiro Tanaka (Prof. Osaka University)
Tadafumi Adschiri  (Prof. Tohoku University)
Tetsuo Enamiya (Mayor of Sakawa)
Toshiyuki Hashida (Tohoku University)
Kenji Mishima (Prof. Fukuoka University)
Masahiro Yoshimura (Prof. Tokyo Inst. Tech)
Yoshiaki Fukushima (Toyota Central Research Ins.)
Yury Gogotsi (Prof. Drexel University)


Amit Chakma (Prof.Univ. Regina)
Atsushi Nakahira (Prof. Osaka Pre. University)
Bai Qingzhong (Prof. Tsinghua University)
C.A.Eckert (Prof.Georgia Tech)
C.B.Ponton (Prof.Univ. Birmingham)
Donald A. Palmer (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Fathi Habashi (Prof. Laval University)
Gendo Oomi (Prof.Kumamoto University) )
Gregorz Rogacki (Prof.Tech Univ of Lodz)
Gerald Demazeau (Prof. University of Bordeaux)
Hideki Ishida (Tohoku University)
Ilhan A.Aksay (Prof. Princeton University)
Indira S.Jayaweera (Hydrothermal Prog. Leader,SRI)
J.W.Tester (Prof. Energy Lab. MIT)
Jusuke Horita (Oak Ridge National University)
Jyusuke Hidaka (Prof. Doshisha University)
K.Byrappa (Prof.Mysore)
Kazuyuki Tohji (Tohoku University)
Keith P.Johnston (Prof. Univ. Texas)
Koichi Nakamura (Prof.Chubu University)
Kimihiko Uematsu (Prof. Keio University)
L. Pauling Kamb (Director of Pauling Fund)
Masato Moritoki (Guest Prof. Osaka University)
Meng Xianoing (National Found.of Bureau,China)
Michael Modell (Prof. MIT)
Min Che Chon (CHON Int.Nation.Co.LTD)
Mitsuhiko Tanahashi (Prof. Gifu University)
Phillip E. Savage (Prof.Univ. Michigan)
Philip G.Meredith (Prof.Univ.Coll.London)
Ru Ren Xu (Prof. Jilin University)
Rustum Roy (Prof. Penn State University)
R.Metcalfe (British Geol.Survey)
Serguei N.Lvov (Prof.Penn-State University)
Stan Kolaczkowski (Prof.Univ.Bath)
Steve Buelow (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Thomas Hirth (Direc. Fraunhoher Env. Eng.)
Toshiyuki Hashida (Tohoku University)
Vladimir Valyashiko (Kurnokov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry)
Yury Gogotsi (Prof. Drexel University)
Xiang Lan (Tsinghua University)


SESSION Ⅰ(micro-science)

Basic science related aqueous, vapor, and supercritical state:  Structure of, Characteristics of, Thermo-dynamics of, Fluid dynamics of, Phase equilibrium of
Determination of Heterogeneous Process with Non-equilibrium System
Solubility of polar and non-polar materials
Interaction of water and mineral formation in natural field
Sedimentary process of lime stone in Sakawa prefecture

SESSION Ⅱ (macro-science)

Biomass resource using aqueous and water technology
Material formation using hydrothermal process as using reaction media
Food and Water
Recycling and Waste Treatment
Pacific Ocean, Black Current and Water Resource

SESSION Ⅲ (global problem and government strategy)

Weather and Ocean
Energy and CO2, CH4 Problems
Economy and Ecology for establishment of sustainable society
Establishment of Specially Universal Core Center in Each Country.
Innovation Development from Countryside Using Water and Solar Energy
Development of Independent System in Countryside
Quality Control in Human Life (Happy Poor and Unhappy Rich)
Learning in Natural Field and its meaning on Education


Treatment of asbestos, sludge and slag contain-ing toxic waste


Sakawa is located 28 km west from Kochi Station and 40 km from Kochi Ryoma airport. Half an hour by bus (5$) from the airport to JR Kochi station and half an hour by train(7$) to Sakawa station. Sakawa town is beautiful and famous having traditional history and culture. The people of Sakawa have a pure and honest character and warm heart for foreigners. Liberty and the human rights movement in Kochi played an important role in the modernization of Japan as it has often been said, “Liberty was born among the mountains of Kochi.” Kochi outshined herself in the unprecedented enhancement of the modernization movement in Japan.
  The prefecture has a unique history and ecosystem. The town of Sakawa is called the “Mecca of geology in Japan” because it has a special importance and significance in worldwide geological circles.  Some of the world’s rarest and most precious fossils have been unearthed here.
  Water has an important meaning in geology and mineralogy. This prefecture has a large biomass resource. These renewable resources have a large amount of clean water and solar resources, which also produce a large biomass resource. These renewable resources have a huge potential in the development of a clean and sustainable future.


Katsuhito Nishimori (Vice Mayor of Sakawa Town )
Vice Chairman:
Naoma Hashikake (Section Chief Risk Management Sakawa Municipal Government)

Gerard Demazeau (Prof. University of Bordeaux)
Hiromi Mitsushio  (Emeritus Prof. Kochi University)
Hayato Shinohara  (Chief of Section, Res. Inst. Ind. Tech. Kochi)
Toshinari Kohri (Chief of Section, Res. Inst. Ind. Tech. Tokushima)
Mamoru Nishioka  (Prof. Anan Tech. College)
Masao Ohno (Honor Prof. Kochi University)
Takaji Yasui (Emeritus Prof. Kochi University)
Junya Nagakuni (Director Katsurahama  Aquarium)
Tadashi Iwamoto (City councilor of Sakawa)


A4 size in a range of 1 paper
Title, Name, Institution, Address and E-mail must be added to the Abstract
A booklet of abstracts will be provided to the participants at the beginning of Symposium. The proceedings of symposium (6 pages for invited lectures and 4 pages for oral or poster communications) will be published as soon as possible after symposium.


Registration Fee for the Participant:        ¥50,000
Registration Fee for the student:           ¥25,000
Registration Fee for the Accompanying Member ¥20,000


Second Circular:              Jul. 2007
Receipt of registration forms and payment :Sep. 2007
Submission of abstracts        Sep. 2007


Katsuhito NISHIMORI(Deputy Mayor)
Naoma Hashikake (Section Chief Risk Management)
Sakawa Municipal Government, Kochi Prefecture, Japan
TEL: +81-889-22-7700
FAX: +81-889-22-4950
Address: Kou 1650-2, Sakawa-cho, Takaoka, Kochi,
789-1292, Japan


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Send to:
FAX: +81-889-22-4950
Naoma Hashikake
Sakawa Municipal Government
Kou 1650-2, Sakawa-cho, Takaoka, Kochi,
789-1292, Japan

International Workshop
on Water Science and Technology

Chairman Prof. Dr. Nakamichi YAMASAKI

Ko-1650-2 Sakawa-cho Takaoka-gun
               Kochi Pref. Japan    789-1201